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    Modern Christianity, if properly understood, would still carry the ancient Hebrew belief structure but translated into the language and culture of the local congregation without changing the faith's foundations. Insisting on any specific culture for the proper practice of the Christian faith is unbibical and an ungodly practice. This was the method and habit (westernizing the natives) that accounts for 20th century missionaries being barred from working as missionaries in most countries. It is this same ungodly practice that "Judaizers" (most Hebrew Roots groups)are demanding when they attempt to make Christian services look and sound like Jewish synagogues. The Christian faith is universal and transcends its original cultural base but should not deviate from its original concepts.

  • The Book, “Christian Essentials: A Survival Guide For The Followers Of Jesus”

    This book will present the essentials from the Scriptures and Hebrew culture that are necessary for the modern Christian to understand. The book will present just the essentials about the Christian Faith that should be part of every Christian's education. (The book is in an editing phase currently) Related documents can be downloaded at Straight Bible Dot Net

  • The Seminar, “Biblical Interpretation For All Of Us”

    This seminar is a Survival Guide For All Bible Readers. It teaches "How To Accurately Read The Bible" using the ancient Hebrew culture found in the Old Testament as a guide to understanding the New Testament. It is located at Straight Bible Dot Com.

  • The Blog, “Thinking Out Loud About Christianity”

    This blog is written by the author of the book, “Christian Essentials: A Survival Guide For The Followers Of Jesus”. It can be found at Straight Bible Dot Org. The main theme of the blog is to instruct believers about the first century origins of the Christian faith and about the holy spirit power common in the first century but not so common today.